Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why does Alaska have the most biking and walking commuters?

The percentage of commuters who walk(relative scale):
Percentage of commuters who bike and walk, by state Many Eyes
Follow this link to see the interactive graffic

I found the map shown above in Bike Retailer and Industry News.  What really surprised me is that Alaska has the highest percentage of walking commuters of any state.  Alaska also has a relatively high number of bike commuters, and the total of bike and walking commuters is also the highest of any state.  How can this be? Alaska is not mild weather, flat land, full of young granola eaters, so what is the reason?

Here are some more interesting graphics:
This one suggests there are health and enjoyment benefits that might result if more people can find a good way to add walking or bicycling as an option for getting to work:

The next graphic suggests that it is appropriate to put more funding toward facilitating bicycle and walking because of the level of use and the level of fatalities.  The "% of trips" part of the graph needs more detail, it represents the percent of commuter trips in the 51 largest cities, not counting public transportation.

“The NSC estimates that every crash fatality corresponds to $6.8 million in economic losses (a figure that incorporates both fatal and nonfatal crashes, and includes both property costs and losses of economic productivity)” source = http://daily.sightline.org/2012/01/20/a-new-low-for-car-crashes/

As I have stated in my post Do Bicycle Users Pay Their Fair Share?, bicycle and walking commuters actually subsidize motorized travel.  For may good economic and life style reasons it would be appropriate to spend a larger percentage of transportation money to facilitate walking and bicycle riding.

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