Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Convert any car to get 100 MPG

106 MPG:  Why my 1993 Toyota pickup uses less gas than the average Prius

Our family vehicle has only used about 250 gallons of gas per year since 2004.  By the US Transportation Dept. numbers, we should have used 1078.  For the average driver to use the same amount of fuel as we have used, that driver would need a vehicle that gets 106 MPG.  Ergo, we have gotten the equivalent of 106 MPG.

What is the catch?  The simplest way to use much less gas is to drive less.  We easily loose track of that.

The basics:  we loose track of the fact that the point of traffic is to move people.  Six people in a Cadillac are saving gas compared to 6 people driving the same route in 6 separate cars even if they get 60 MPG in each car.

Similarly, the point of getting good gas milage is to save gas.  So if I drive one quarter as much as the average, it is equivalent to driving a vehicle with much better gas milage and driving that vehicle as much as the average number of miles.

So, before investing in a 60 MPG vehicle for 30 or 40 thousand dollars, take a moment to figure out how much you can afford to drive less.  It works for me.  I will readily admit I have a lucky opportunity to make the cheaper strategy work, but my options are not that unique.

Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group

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